Our Future

As your Mayor, I’m committed to building upon the success of our current administration to address your priorities:

  • Strengthen our schools to create more opportunities for our children

  • Create a beautiful waterfront park that is long overdue

  • Preserve our environment and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life for all residents

Schools & Field Space


Read the Mayor’s most recent Op-Ed concerning education here.

In 2010 our schools were in critical condition from years of deferred maintenance.  Our children were being educated in buildings with limited space, fire suppression issues, and outdated technology. Our community came together and strongly supported a debt exclusion vote to build a new elementary school and renovate the Nock/Molin schools.


Today, we have a new state of the art elementary school, the Bresnahan. Under Mayor Holaday’s leadership construction was on time and under budget!  We also completed major renovations to the Nock/Molin upper elementary and middle school. Both projects were complimented by generous community donors championed by the Newburyport Education Foundation.

Our future depends on our children. We must continue to invest in schools that encourage students to strive for intellectual excellence, to develop innovative skills, and to give back to the community. Under Mayor Holaday’s leadership she will continue to:

  • Promote STEM educational opportunities throughout the school district
  • Expand the World Language Department to the Middle School
  • Work with all staff, administrators, and students to implement our strategic plan to ensure Safe and Supportive School Environments, Professional Learning Communities, and expanding partnerships with higher education institutions.
  • Supporting service learning programs and curriculum that encourage students to give back to the community.
  • Preserve and maintain the new upgrades to the athletic facilities such as the WWII Memorial Stadium and James T. Stehlin Field.






IMG_1268Our  waterfront is one of the most beautiful in New England and we must continue to strive for an open, natural waterfront that is accessible, that provides a healthy pedestrian environment that will inspire economic growth in our downtown.

Mayor Holaday will continue to work with all stakeholders to shape the future of the central waterfront. It is crucial that there is representation from the NRA, WFT, Harbormaster, COW, Settlers and City Councilors and most importantly the residents of Newburyport.

We have made progress in building consensus on the central waterfront park land, working on land conveyances and began review of the draft changes to the Waterfront Trust documents.

Mayor Holaday will continue to hold discussions with Waterfront West and New England Development as they move forward with new conceptual plans regarding waterfront developments and she encourages all to participate in meetings and discussions of this project as we work with NED in shaping the future of this area of the waterfront.

To learn more about the Mayor’s vision of the Parking Garage and Waterfront Development click here. 

Learn more about the new Intermodal Garage.

Read the Mayor’s letter to the editor about  the passage of the new garage here.


Neighborhoods, the Environment, and Affordable Housing

We must continue to enhance the quality of life for all Newburyport residents. That is why Mayor Holaday is dedicated to creating safe neighborhoods, preserving the environment, and supporting efforts to help seniors, veterans and those with disabilities find affordable housing.

Roads and Sidewalks

streets2 (1)

Repairing and replacing roads and sidewalks is a top priority for Mayor Holaday. Under her leadership significant progress has been made to address the city’s infrastructure needs and she will continue to ensure roads and sidewalks are safe for residents.  In the past 7 years the City has repaved 7.2 miles of roadways and replaced 3.5 miles of sidewalks.

  • Mayor Holaday worked to allocate 50% of the meals tax revenue towards sidewalk repairs,
  • Spending has increased 450% over the past 7 years on road repair,
  • The Department of Public Service has developed a standardized manual for sidewalks to maintain quality.

Parks and Community Landmarks

When Mayor Holaday first walked into City Hall the budget for parks was a dismal $9,604. Mayor Holaday helped create the Parks Department with a full time staff. Today, city residents enjoy 23 parks, Clipper City Rail Trail, and a skate park. Mayor Holaday will continue to support the  Park’s This Department to preserve and maintain our parks. InnStFountainnew1jpg

During Mayor Holaday’s term the community came together to preserve two important community landmarks: the Inn Street Fountain and the Emma Andrews Library. Mayor Holaday is proud to lead a community that works together to preserve these landmarks.

Plum Island


Plum Island is another community treasure that we must preserve. Severe erosion and a fragile dune system has threatened the natural beauty of Plum Island. To address this problem Mayor Holaday has and will continue to:


  • Collaborate with the Merrimac River Beach Alliance and the National Wildlife Federation to ensure the City’s $2.9M grant to adequately address the erosion problem.
  • Continue the Dune Restoration and Beach Access Improvement Project to improve public signage on the beach to protect fragile dunes.  

Affordable Housing

Our city is thriving. The demand for housing is at an all-time high with the average single family home selling for $560,000 in only a few months. Our businesses are strong and our economy is on the rise. However, for some residents, especially those on fixed income it is difficult to find affordable housing.  We must support affordable housing efforts to invest in the future of the City and support our neighbors.

Mayor Holaday supports:

  • The Affordable Housing Trust and is proud to see community support for CPA grants to support the implementation of the Housing Production Plan and the City’s Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • The City Council proposals to allow seniors to participate in the tax-incentive volunteer work program.  This would allow seniors to deduct $1,000 to $1,500 from property taxes.